Getting to Know Your Therapist

My name is Dominic Ong
Chosen pronouns are “he/his/him”

Hello and great to be “meeting” you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and tentatively starting the process of seeking therapy; that’s a huge first step. Now, where shall I start?

I’m a native Southern Californian born and raised. I’m licensed to practice in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master of Arts from the University of San Diego, CA.
My clinical experiences have vastly ranged from addiction, grief-loss-bereavement, trauma, mood & anxiety-based disorders, and LBGTQ+ issues. I want to say that I’m a well-rounded clinician with my experiences, allowing me to have a whole-person perspective and approach in my services.

Rather than giving advice (which I rarely do), I enjoy assisting clients in developing a deeper understanding of why and how these issues came to be – then collaboratively working on how to alleviate the present and prevent future occurrences. I approach my sessions by being my authentic corny/dry-humorous self because my clients are collaborators/partners of change, and I’m right beside, encouraging, and cheering clients on.

Some of my interests include:
Gay-mer (Gay video gamer)
Yoga and meditation
Lover of dogs
Nature-involved outdoor activities
Eating desserts
Drinking tea or coffee

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